20 Boredom Busting Activities

Being confined to our homes may have sounded half decent at the start, but in my household we are beginning to suffer from major bouts of boredem. I’ve put together a list of activities that can be done at home or in your local area, allowing you to keep a safe distance from those around you.

1. Bake a cake – I love baking but sadly haven’t had the opporunity too. Self-raising flour is scarce at the moment, if you know of any receipes containing plain flour, throw them my way!

2. Play a board game – we’ve had a couple of intense games of Jenga and Eye Know recently, whilst listening to some background music, usually Tame Impala to be exact. It’s a really fun way to pass the time.

3. Read a book – if you have a garden, or just a comfortable place to sit, why not rest the mind and read a good book. I’d recommend The Tattooist of Auszhwitz by Heather Morris or Room by Emma Donoghue.

4. Go to a local park and kick a ball – we have plenty of beautiful parks and green spaces here in Liverpool, my favourite being Sefton Park of course. Head out to a patch of grass (or even in your own garden), away from others, and have some fun with a football.

5. Enjoy a phone call with a friend or relative – although not the same as having a good old natter in person, talking to a family member or friend about lockdown life will kill some time and make you feel good.

6. Have a bubble bath – sometimes just taking some time away from you every day life, putting down that phone and soaking in a nice hot bubble bath is just what you need.

7. Colouring in – there are plenty of adult colouring books available online, including those for fans of Harry Potter & Disney. I find colouring so calming and therapeutic.

Colouring In

8. Play with makeup – sit in front of your mirror and recreate an eye makeup look for when you’re able to hit the town once lockdown is over. I love searching Pinterest for inspo.

9. Take up a new hobby – I started blogging seriously at the end of 2019, and lockdown has really helped me focus my creativity and attention on conjuring up new blog content. I have seen an influx of people taking up cross stitching and knitting too!

10. Paint your nails – whilst we are unable to visit the salon and get that well needed manicure, treat yourself to your very own at home mani.

11. Discover a new TV series – you may think you have watched every show on Netflix but there are plenty of series out there to get your teeth into. I have two blog posts dedicated to Netflix and Disney+ shows.

12. Play a video game– everyone seems to have jumped on the Animal Crossing bandwagon during lockdown, but there are other games out there. My boyfriend and I are obsessed with Overcooked for the switch!

Animal Crossing

13. Clean/decorate your home – if you’re fortunate enough to be a homeowner take some time to do those small cleaning and decorating tasks you have been putting off for so long. You’ll thank me afterwards.

14. Meditation – taking just 5-10 minutes out of your day to concentrate on breathing and clearing your mind is really helpful, you’ll feel much better afterwards. I’m using the apps Headspace and Calm for some guided meditation.

15. Go for a bike ride or do a home workout – working out might seem like too much of an effort but afterwards your body will release ‘happy’ endorphines that will improve your mood.

16. Have a self-care day – this post already features some pretty good self-care tips, but check out my post that goes a little more indepth on self-care

17. Plan your post lockdown day out – I’m dreaming of the happier days to come, where we can venture out and explore the world like we used to. Planning a day out after this is all over really excites me.

18. Write a wishlist – think of all the things that you would like and write them down, it’s a great past time. I enjoy eventually checking things of my list, I have a blog post on my makeup and skincare wishlist.

19. Watch YouTube – whenever I’m bored my go to is to watch something on YouTube, usually something beauty related. My favourite YouTubers currently are Jamie Genevieve and Sophdoeslife.


20. Learn a card game – playing cards is something I only tend to do when I’m on holiday, but since being in lockdown I’ve played a few games of Go Fish and Uno. Some card games are too complicated but Go Fish is super easy…I always win!

I hope my list of 20 activities, you can do during lockdown, to beat boredom has helped you out a little bit. Let me know what your favourite lockdown activities are!

Until Another Day x


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Hey! My name is Kelly and I'm a Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger from the North West in the UK. I showcase my love for writing and makeup through my blog 😊

69 thoughts on “20 Boredom Busting Activities

  1. I started my blog during this time in quarantine. It’s definitely been the best way I’ve spent my boredom. However, I wish I was better at including the suggestions that are more relaxing like reading. Great post!

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      1. These are great activities! As a lover of sweets I definitely agree with baking as a pastime. Reading is also one of my favorites things and has kept en from being bored to death.

        Thanks for sharing

        Loren | plaidandsugar.blogspot.com

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  2. Love these suggestions. I always watch YouTube or scroll through my Instagram when I’m bored. Meditation is a great way to spend your time at the same time to stay mentally fit. Thank you for sharing this post!

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  3. Great list of things to do especially during this lockdown! I would love to bake but i’m afraid i’ll burn it haha! And playing card games seems fun. 🥰

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  4. Thanks for this! I’ve definitely been spending more time on my blog since all of this has started. I also now have the time to learn more about SEO with some online classes from Coursera, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time! I’ve also been enjoying more walks with the pup, and more boardgames with my partner. I like the idea of coloring books, maybe I’ll have to order one on Amazon. Thanks!

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      1. That does sound pretty amazing! I just started taking a 5 course specialization through the UC Davis extension on Coursera (have you heard of them?). I just started course 2. So far so good!

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  5. These are a good range of suggestions. I do like the points about meditation and self-care as we also have to think of our wellbeing during this period of lockdown. I’ve also found that following one of the live dancing classes online is another fun way to look after our mind and body@

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  6. Some great activities. We have been doing a few of these. One I wouldn’t normally do is colouring in. My 4 year old has been challenging me to colour in pictures from her unicorn colouring book.

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  7. Great list, definitely something for everyone. For me, the chosen activity to kill time has been playing with make-up. I’ve never been into beauty that much and always do the same make-up when I go out. But now I’ve started to experiment and I love it! I’m gonna invest in some proper eye shadows from now on so I don’t always look the same plain old me 😀

    Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog

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  8. Baking is so relaxing for me; it is a way to concentrate on the joy of creating a sweet endeavor! Second to that, I also enjoy cleaning when I have nothing else to do. I cleaned my basement this morning and have felt good about it all day. 🙂

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