The Best Rides at DisneyWorld Orlando

Back in March 2020, I visited DisneyWorld in Orlando. My trip turned into a complete and utter nightmare all because of COVID-19, I have a blog post here featuring this hellish holiday. However, I thought I would make light of the situation and dedicate a blog post to my favourite rides across all 4 Disney theme parks.

Magic Kingdom

Princess Castle and DisneyWorld Orlando
Photo by Thomas Kelley on Unsplash

Magic Kingdom was the first park I visited for my short DisneyWorld experience, we spent about 13 hours here!! This park is utterly breathtaking from the moment you enter. The hustle and bustle of Main Street, leading up to the castle, had me bursting with excitement and my arms filled with goosebumps! The realistion had hit, I was actually in Disney! I visited DisneyLand Paris and DisneyWorld as a child, but I felt more excited as a 23 year old than I did back then!

Space Mountain
Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom DisneyWorld Orlando
Photo by Benjamin D. Esham on Wikimedia Commons

I was lucky enough to have the Disney FastPass attached to my ticket, so I was able to schedule rides throughout the day before I’d even stepped foot on US soil. One of the first rides I booked was Space Mountain, it was the last ride of the day, it was great not standing in a long queue. Space Mountain is my all time favourite ride in Magic Kingdom. If you haven’t rode it before, it’s an indoor coaster completely in the dark. It’s such a thrilling ride that had me screaming from the top of my lungs and left me wanting more. Sadly, we didn’t have the opportunity to ride it again during our trip.

The Haunted Mansion
The Haunted Mansion, Disneyworld Orlando Magic Kingdom
Photo by Greg Cohen on Unsplash

Now this ride is a theatrical delight. Although called ‘The Haunted Mansion’ it’s by no means a scary ride. You are transported inside a dark spooky house, encountering various gouls, demons and ghosts along your journey. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but the special effects are astounding considering the ride opened 48 years ago, back in 1971! I mean, it did stop a few times whilst I was on it, but that added to the whole ‘spooky’ experience.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Big Thunder Mountain, Disneyworld Orlando Magic Kingdom

Back onto rollercoasters, themed like a mine train this coaster features many drops and turns that will make your belly shudder. Its fast paced antics are sure to get any rollercoaster junkie fired up. If your head is adorned with a cute pair of mini ears, like I did, make sure you take them off, otherwise your likely to never see them again!!

Hollywood Studios

Formally known as Disney-MGM Studios, this Disney park is themed on film, music, theatre and TV. Personally, Hollywood Studios is my favourite, it has some of the best adrenaline fulled rides that I can’t get enough of. Featuring, Toy Story Land and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge this theme park has something for all of the family to enjoy.

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster
Rock N Roller Coaster, Disneyworld Orlando Hollywood Studios

If you’re a fan of high speeds and rollercoasters that flip upside down then this one is for you. Starring Areosmith, this indoor coaster reaches 0-60mph in as little as 2.8 seconds and riders are faced with up to 5Gs of G-force! The very first time I went on this ride was in Paris, I was about 5 years old but was tall for my age!! My love for rollercoasters started off here and I’ve never looked back!

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
Tower of Terror, Disneyworld Orlando Hollywood Studios
Photo by Park Troopers on Unsplash

I mentioned earlier that Space Mountain was my favourite Magic Kingdom ride, well the Tower of Terror is my favourite in Hollywood Studios. Based in the Hollywood Tower Hotel, passengers are guided into seemingly normal elevators, except that’s not exactly true… Featuring the classic tune from the cult 60’s show The Twilight Zone, this drop tower ride will plumet you 130ft down, which is around the height of a 13 storey building. Just writing about the Tower of Terror makes me wish I was on it!

Slinky Dog Dash
Buzz Light Year, Disneyworld Orlando Hollywood Studios

You may have already guessed where this coaster is located, Toy Story Land of course! I was completely in awe of this area of Hollywood Studios, Toy Story was one of my favourite childhood movies. The towering sculputes of Buzz and Woody were the perfect addition to this wonderful land. Slinky Dog Dash is a coaster in the shape of Slinky Dog, it’s tail even bobs up and down as the ride darts around the tracks. I would have loved to have gotten a second go, but the queues were too long and we were limited on time!

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom Entrance, DisneyWorld Orlando

The clue is in the name for this one, Animal Kingdom is basically a Zoo filled with gorgeous animals and amazing rides. I love strolling around, looking at the wonderful creatures, turning a corner and stumbling across a thrilling ride that I can’t wait to jump onto.

Avatar Flight of Passage
Pandora Land, Animal Kingdom, DisneyWorld Orlando

Located in Animal Kingdom’s newest area, Pandora, Avatar Flight of Passage is a ride like no other. It’s a 3D flying simulation, whereby you sit atop a mountain Banshee and fly through the world of Avatar. The attraction features water sprays, wind and various scents making the whole experience feel completely real. I was left open mouthed after my ride, and I just wish that I was able to squeeze in another go.

Expedition Everest
Expedition Everest, Animal Kingdom, DisneyWorld Orlando
Photo by Rodolfo Marques on Unsplash

Themed around a Yeti protecting a mountain, this rollercoaster takes you on a journey like no other. Speeding up the mountain, venturing deeper into the Yeti’s lare, when suddenly the track comes to a stop. With no where to go but backwards, you are pulled back down the tracks at toe curling speed, unable to see what lies ahead! I don’t want to give anymore spoilers than I already have, but this coaster is such a treat. So much so that I went on it twice in a row!

Dinosaur, Animal Kingdom, DisneyWorld Orlando
Photo by Brian McGowan on Unsplash

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, Dinosaurs freak me out! I’ve had countless nightmares of being chased by them, but I still decided to venture onto Dinosaur. I won’t lie, I was terrified, you should see my face in the photograph we picked up, I have geninue fear in my eyes (no, I’m not posting it, it’s too embarrasing!!). Sitting in an open top jeep you are transported back in time to prehistoric times. Navigating the jungle avoiding monstourous dinosaurs, you might want to hold on tight, you’re in for a bumpy ride!


Epcot Ball, Epcot, Disneyworld Orlando

Epcot is a bit of a different experience to the other theme parks, there are fewer rides here. In my opinion, it features heavily on food…YUM, but having done some research, it’s actually based around human acheivment in technology and culture. Surrounding the huge lake, you can visit China, Mexico, Italy, England, Japan, France and many more countries and experience their wonderful cusine. I only sampled two places when I visited (Italy & England), if I wasn’t so limited on time I would have tried something at each country.

Mission: SPACE
Mission Space, Epcot, Disneyworld Orlando
Photo by Jack O’Rourke on Unsplash

If you typically suffer with motion and/or travel sickness I would advise against this ride. There are two options, the easier less strenuous version or the ultimate G-force experience. I opted for the worst one, and yes I felt physically sick afterwards! Each rider is given a role before boarding i.e. pilot, navigator, engineer or commander, I was the pilot! During the mission you are required to press various flashing buttons to complete the goal of landing on Mars. You will be faced with up 2.5G of force, this is actually twice the force of gravity at the earths surface WOW! After the ride, I had to take a seat outside and drink some water until the sickness passed! Next time I’ll be opting for the easier ride!

Test Track

If you haven’t by now guessed, I’m a fan of high speed rides, and Test Track ticks all of those boxes. The ride takes you through the vigerous stages of testing that manufacturers but their cars through to evaluate their abilities. Whilst queuing you are guided to large tablet like screens, whereby you are asked to create the perfect car. Choosing the exterior and efficency, during the ride your car will be pushed to the limit, until your car is plunged into the outside world to speeds of 65mph. This is another ride that I was able to get onto twice, and it was just as fun the second time around!

Picture of Epcot Lake, Epcot, Disneyworld Orlando
Photo by Christian Lambert on Unsplash

I couldn’t help but start singing ‘Where soaring, flying, there’s not a star in heaven that we can’t reach…’ when I was venturing to Soarin’ (cringey, I know!). Similar to that of the Avatar simulation ride, Soarin’ takes you on an adventure around the globe to the likes of The Great Wall of China, The Taj Mahal, The Great Pyramids and Kilimanjaro National Park, plus many more. You will experience the scents, sounds and sensations as you transition from place to place.

Sitting down to write this post took me on a trip down memory lane, it was both nostalgic and heart breaking. Heart breaking because I wasn’t able to enjoy my recent trip nearly half as much as I thought I would. I hope this guide has been somewhat useful for future travellers and sentimental to those who have visited the magical world of Disney in the past.

Until Another Day x

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32 thoughts on “The Best Rides at DisneyWorld Orlando

      1. Although it’s one of the oldest ride, I love ‘Test Track’. I mean who doesn’t want to be a crash dummy 😂

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  1. I’m so sorry that your Disney holiday was effected by covid! We were due to go in October but that’s now been cancelled because of it too. I LOVE Florida Disney, it’s just so magical. The Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster is one of my favourites too. I was so nervous about going on Mission Space because of all the warnings they give and the fact that sick bags are provided! But I actually found it ok, apart from being slightly disoriented afterwards, lol. I can’t wait to go back to Disney, but we’re holding off until it’s magical again, however long that is!

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    1. It wasn’t exactly how we had imagined it. covid took away all that magic 😦 I thought I was going to need to use one of those sick bags after Mission Space! I hope you get to enjoy Disney soon!


  2. My favorite when I went to Disney World has to be Flight of Passage. We went when the summer it opened so the lines were days long. I luckily got us a fast pass way ahead and it was soo realistic! It’s basically a more aggressive version of Soarin’, which is my ultimate favorite ride.

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  3. I am a HUGE Disneyland fan! I live in France (but originally from California) so I get to go to Disneyland Paris on a regular basis and Disneyland in Anaheim every time I go back home! However, it’s been years since I’ve been to Disneyworld and now I want to go so bad! As soon as the situation is better, I’ll have to plan a trip there!

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  4. What I wouldn’t give to be there right now. I haven’t been before but it always just seems so amazing.

    I’ve been to Paris 3 times and I loved it, I can’t wait to make it there one day.

    Thank you for sharing your ride suggestions x


  5. I’ve actually never been to Disney World! Can you believe that?! I’ve always wanted to go sometime to see what it’s like though. Looks like fun!

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  6. I have been to Disneyland Paris, Disneyland Tokyo and DisneySea (in Tokyo) so it was great reading this and comparing the rides! Space Mountain is bloody brilliant isn’t it! I love Tower of Terror too. I haven’t been on many Disney rides tbh but I deffo want to go on Avatar Flight of Passage, I love 3D flying simulation rides, there was a brilliant Harry Potter flying one at Universal Studios, Osaka, Japan. xx

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